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Union Glory AG has high-class professional team, the abundant capital strength, expansive world view and excellent reputation in the industry. We can provide the package solution about the investment, trade and logistics in mineral, forestry resources field.
We have a successful entrepreneurial experience. We carried out long-term cooperation with famous mineral, forestry resources and logistics companies. We look forward to further....


Through 2-year long efforts, UNIONGLORY AG has collected the following mineral resources to be developed:
1. Coal mine 7 mines in of Indonesia (with geologic reports completed)
2. Nickel mine 1 mines in of Indonesia (with geologic reports completed)
3. Copper mine 2 mines in of Indonesia (with geologic reports completed)....


The Mining Finance created by Union gloryAG has its exclusive managing concept and operating mode.

Resources-Activating Mechanism. The mining resources, except an extremely few portion which is under development and exploitation, have not yet been used financially. Union glory AG will, with the mining industry as a platform, use various financing ways and means to activate the mining resources, getting them capitalized, converting them into bonds and....